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fiber optic lighting kit
pmma fiber optic lighting kit

Normally speaking there are 3 parts (we here call it fiber optic lighting kit) for a PMMA optical fiber project: The PMMA fiber cable + The power source + The crystal end bulbs. The end bulbs is not must for most projects.

PMMA fiber cable customization:

  • The fiber length and diameter is customizable
  • We accept mixed fiber diameter, different length for fiber in one fiber bundle
  • We could do dotting or add jacket on above basic cables

Power Source:

  • Output: 16W,32W,45W,100W,150W,250W selectable
  • Allowed remote control
  • Operate color to single color or RGB
  • Work voltage: 110-260V

Crystal end bulbs:

  • Not must. It is mainly used for home projects
  • We have a variety of end bulbs for your choice


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